City Directory


Derek M. Pittak480 Park AvenuePhone(440) 988-3743
auditor@amherstohio.orgAmherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 984-2808   
Accounts Payable/Payroll Phone(440) 988-3742   

Building Department

Residential Building Inspector480 Park AvenuePhone(440 )988-3734
building2@amherstohio.orgAmherst, OH  44001Fax(449) 988-3764
Chief Building Inspector   
Planning and Zoning   

City Council

Jennifer WasilkPresidentPhone(440)
Brian DembinskiWard OnePhone(440)
Ed CowgerWard TwoPhone(440)
Chuck WiniarskiWard ThreePhone(440)
Matt NahornWard FourPhone(440)
Phil Van TreurenCouncil At LargePhone(440)
David JanikCouncil At LargePhone(440)
Joe MillerCouncil At LargePhone(440)

Clerk of Council

Office of Clerk - Olga Sivinski206 South MainPhone(440) 988-2420
council@amherstohio.orgAmherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-2570

Fire Department

Chief - James Wilhelm414 Church StreetPhone(440) 988-4117
 Amherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-3034

Income Tax

Tax Accountant480 Park AvenuePhone(440) 988-4212
incometax@amherstohio.orgAmherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-3749

Information Technology Director

Steve Bukovac480 Park AvenuePhone(440) 370-9900
sbukovac@amherstohio.orgAmherst, OH  44001  

Law Director

Anthony R. Pecora5455 Detroit RoadPhone(440) 930-4001
 Sheffield, OH  44054Fax(440) 934-7205


Mark Costilow206 South MainPhone(440) 988-4380
mayor@amherstohio.orgAmherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-3753

Maude Neiding Park

Anna Schmauch Pool960 Cleveland AvePhone(440) 988-8523
 Amherst, OH  44001  

Office on Aging

 621 Cleveland AvenuePhone(440) 988-2817
officeonaging@amherstohio.orgAmherst, OH  44001  

Police Department

Chief - Joseph K.  Kucirek911 North Lake StreetPhone(440) 988-2625 Amherst, OH  44001 Fax(440) 988-3009

Safety Service Director

John Jeffreys206 South MainPhone(440) 988-3726 Amherst, OH  44001 Fax(440) 988-3753


Richard S. Ramsey480 Park AvenuePhone(440) 988-3745
treasurer@amherstohio.orgAmherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-3749   

Utilities Department

Service Complaints7:30 am to 4:30 pmPhone(440) 988-3956
EmergenciesAfter 4:30 & weekendsPhone(440) 988-2625
      Call or Text PoliceTEXT(440) 988-4422
Send Payments to:P.O. Box 470  
 Amherst, OH 44001  
Call Before You Dig Phone(440) 988-4224
Billing Office480 Park AvenuePhone(440) 988-4224
 Amherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-3118
       Utilities phone numbers below are provided for technical information only. 
Job scheduling must be made with the Utilities Department by calling (440) 988-3956
Superintendent - Ronald Merthe480 Park AvenuePhone(440) 988-4224
 Amherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-3118
Electric Department327 Tower LanePhone(440) 988-2083
 Amherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-2047
Water & Sewer Department941 North Lake StreetPhone(440) 988-7625
 Amherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-1027
Street Department545 Gordon AvenuePhone(440) 988-4052
 Amherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-7959
Water Pollution Control Center931 North Lake StreetPhone(440) 988-4920
superintendent@amherstwpcc.comAmherst, OH  44001Fax(440) 988-4926